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Royal Demon's Hard Rock
Card name (en) : Royal Demon's Hard Rock
Card name (jp) : ロイヤルデモンズ·ハードロック
Card code : RD/GRP1-JP012
SNo. : -
Card type : Effect monster
Attribute : Light
Monster type : Fiend
Level / Rank : 8    
Attack : 2500 Defense : 2000
Rarity : Ultra, Gold Rush
Limitation : OCG: Unlimited  |  TCG: Unlimited  |  TCOCG: Unlimited
[Requirement] You can activate this the turn this card was Normal Summoned by Tributing 2 monsters (Level 7 or higher/Fiend-Type).
[Effect] Choose 1 face-up monster (Level 7 or higher) your opponent controls. Inflict damage to your opponent equal to [The difference between the ATK of this card and the chosen monster]. Until the end of the turn, this card gains ATK equal to [The chosen monster’s ATK].
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