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Penguin Sword
Card name (en) : Penguin Sword
Card name (jp) : ペンギン·ソード
Card code : AC01-JP008
SNo. : 69792699
Card type : Equip spell
Attribute : -
Monster type : -
Level / Rank : -    
Attack : - Defense : -
Rarity : Normal, Normal (Parallel)
Limitation : OCG: Unlimited  |  TCG: Unlimited  |  TCOCG: Unlimited
Can only be equipped to a “Penguin” monster. You can only use the (3) effect of this card’s name once per turn.
(1) The equipped monster gains 800 ATK.
(2) When the equipped monster inflicts battle damage to your opponent: You can return 1 card your opponent controls to their hand.
(3) If a face-up card(s) your opponent controls leaves the field by the effect of a “Penguin” card, and it is returned to the hand or banished: Negate the effects of that card(s), as well as the activated effects and effects on the field of monsters with the same original name until the end of the next turn.
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