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Yugioh news
Deck Build Pack...
World Premiere ...
August, 2022 pr...
Structure Deck ...
[RD] Saikyo Bat...
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Dark Ruler No More Dark Ruler N...

Penumbral Soldier Lady Penumbral So...

Absolute End Absolute End

Mystic Horseman Mystic Horse...

Dark Room of Nightmare Dark Room of...


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Yugioh news
Deck Build Pack: Amazing Defenders
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World Premiere Pack 2022
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August, 2022 promotional cards
Latest updated:

Aug 10, 2022:
YCS 2022 prize.

Aug 8, 2022:
【Diabolica, Dragon Fiend Commander】's effect.

YCS 2022 prize card:

Anotherverse Dragon

V Jump(October, 2022) promo:

Diabolica, Dragon Fiend Commander

Seven Eleven Collaboration Promos:

Transamu Rainac
Galactica Oblivion
Jointech Rex
Bluetooth Burst Dragon
Chemicalize Salamander
Voidvelgr Requiem
Magical Sheep Girl Meeeg-Chan

Saikyo Battle Decks Tournament, winner's prize:

Graceful Charity (RD)

Saikyo Jump(September, 2022) promo:

Voidvelgr Transi

United Duel Tournament 2022 Prize:

Swords of Revealing Light

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